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The oEmbed Monitor WordPress plugin identifies any failed oEmbed results that have been cached in your posts’ metadata.

You may have noticed failed oEmbeds displaying as either plaintext or linked URLs in your WordPress posts:

These broken embeds not only look bad but may also disrupt the flow of your content.

Why use oEmbed Monitor?

Using tricks such as slightly adjusting the URLs may make them work initially but are no guarantee a failed result may not be cached at a later date.

Keeping abreast of any such occurrences can also be time consuming and seem like an impossible chore, especially if you have a lot of articles.

The oEmbed Monitor plugin for WordPress is a lightweight solution which aims to simplify this process.

Usage scenario

If you see one or more failed oEmbed results on your website, there may be more and they are not easy to identify without visiting each article on a consistent basis.

Using the oEmbed monitor plugin for WordPress enables you to see a list of all failed results stored in your posts’ metadata at any given time:

Once identified, you can remove them as detailed in the guide on how to delete failed oEmbed records in your WordPress database.

WordPress will then attempt to retrieve and store the oEmbed metadata for these embeds when a user next visits a post that contains them.

Additional benefits

Some guides will encourage you to delete all oEmbed metadata for a particular post after discovering failed results, or even for all posts on your website.

But doing so runs the risk of getting rid of data which you may never be able to retrieve again, e.g. tweets that have been deleted since you saved their content.

So it’s better to take a targeted approach and delete just the results related to the embeds you want to regenerate.

oEmbed Monitor makes it easy to quickly identify all such instances.

Download the oEmbed Monitor plugin for WordPress

Version 0.5: Download

Upgrade to oEmbed Monitor Pro

Upgrading to oEmbed Monitor Pro enables you to delete failed oEmbed results direct from your WordPress admin dashboard.

Quickly clear the relevant metadata from individual posts using the provided action link:

Or select multiple results and bulk delete with one click:

Get a lifetime license (valid for one website) for the Pro version of oEmbed Monitor for just £39.99:

How to upgrade to oEmbed Monitor Pro

Once you’ve received your license key for the Pro version of oEmbed Monitor, navigate to the oEmbed Monitor >> Get Pro screen in your WordPress admin dashboard:

Enter your license key in the form provided and click the Activate button to proceed:

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